We proudly present eBookHouse for Android, which can easily become the most powerful online Xinhua Bookstore (Cloud Library) for our users. eBookHouse for Android makes massive genuine reading resources and a superb reading experience available to our readers.

eBookHouse Features:
Universal access on all terminals under the same account
Easy payment and one-button synchronization
Massive, genuine premium resources
A pleasant and enjoyable reading experience
A visual feast of colorful images


Autonomous Account Management at All Times

The account registration system provides readers with detailed account information and account transaction details. Readers may check their account balances whenever and wherever they need and quickly add funds to their accounts.

Convenient Reading Management

The font, font size, background color, day/night reading mode and brightness can be adjusted during reading. The chapter directory management quickly leads readers to the desired chapters. Multiple bookmarks can be added and can be deleted in batch.

Massive Premium Reading Resources

eBookHouse boasts a massive collection of genuine books duly authorized by publishing houses of the national ministries, excellent book companies, and authors, covering the categories such as novels, literature and art, maternity, parenting, home schooling, lifestyle and fashion, tourism, fine dining, family, motivational reading, success stories, anthropology, economic management, politics, military, science and technology, education, training, and children. This massive collection caters to the requirements of different user groups.

Straightforward Book Reviews

In eBookHouse, the system will calculate the average rating of a book based on how the readers who have purchased it have rated it. The readers may judge for themselves whether a book is worth reading based on the rating index.