eBookHouse for iPad, the most popular reading platform application in the App Store, has been upgraded to the brand new V3.1. The upgraded eBookHouse for iPad promises that readers will have an eye-opening reading experience!

eBookHouse Features:
Universal access on all terminals under the same account
Easy payment and one-button synchronization
Massive, genuine premium resources
A pleasant and enjoyable reading experience
A visual feast of colorful images


Text Accompanied by Images

An image viewing function has been added, enabling readers to view both the book cover and images inside the book. Readers are now able to read the text and see the accompanying images, which allows them to better enjoy their reading experience.

Personalized, Convenient Library Setting

A new list viewing method has been added to the library based on the bookshelf’s existing viewing methods. Readers can sort the books in their libraries by the titles, authors, and categories. A search bar has been added to the library, enabling readers to quickly locate the books they have acquired. The books on the bookshelf can be arranged at a reader’s discretion.

Massive Premium Reading Resources

eBookHouse boasts a massive collection of genuine books duly authorized by publishing houses of the national ministries, excellent book companies, and authors, covering the categories such as novels, literature and art, maternity, parenting, home schooling, lifestyle and fashion, tourism, fine dining, family, motivational reading, success stories, anthropology, economic management, politics, military, science and technology, education, training, and children. This massive collection caters to the requirements of different user groups.

The Perfect Digital Reading Experience

eBookHouse for iPad offers readers the perfect reading experience. Books are close to that of printed pages with the large screen and customized smart settings. The font, font size, background color, day/night reading mode, and brightness can be adjusted during reading. The chapter directory management quickly leads readers to the desired chapters. Multiple bookmarks can be added and can be deleted in batch.