The eBookHouse website is the online Xinhua Bookstore of the Internet era and integrates various functions from reading and book purchasing to online communities. eBookStore has deeply impressed readers upon its release.

eBookHouse Features:
Universal access on all terminals under the same account
Easy payment and one-button synchronization
Massive, genuine premium resources
A pleasant and enjoyable reading experience
A visual feast of colorful images

Massive Premium Reading Resources

eBookHouse boasts a massive collection of genuine books duly authorized by publishing houses of the national ministries, excellent book companies, and authors, covering the categories such as novels, literature and art, maternity, parenting, home schooling, lifestyle and fashion, tourism, fine dining, family, motivational reading, success stories, anthropology, economic management, politics, military, science and technology, education, training, and children. This massive collection caters to the requirements of different user groups.

Special Recommendations in Various Forms

eBookHouse provides readers with a wide array of book recommendations and help readers locate books to their liking more quickly. The New Arrivals, Popular and Editors’ Favorites sections recommend premium books of various genres to readers, whereas the Other Purchases and More from the Author sections recommend classic works of the same genre to them.

Designs Tailored for Better Reading

The easy-to-operate eBookHouse website design is tailored to the use habits of readers.

Free and Open Online Community

The eBookHouse Community establishes a bridge for communication with readers and is a platform for eBookHouse to release information. Here readers may share their thoughts freely and we may share our information and exchange views with the readers.

Detailed and Clear Account Information

eBookHouse provides readers with detailed account information and account transaction breakdowns. Readers can find their account balances, bonuses, and detailed transaction history recorded clearly under My Account.

Unmatched Comfort for Reading

When reading, readers can not only change the font, font size, background color, day/night reading mode and line spacing, but also can switch to the full-screen mode for distraction-free reading.

Share Your Thoughts on Reading Anytime

Readers may share their thoughts on reading at anytime on Sina Microblog, kaixin001.com, renren.com, douban.com and Tencent Microblog to enable communication with a greater crowd.